About Educore

EDUCORE Group has been providing best School Management system to Indian educational institutes/ campuses for over last 5 years. We are India’s one of fastest growing next-generation ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ solution provider; offering integrated solutions alongside our product portfolio built on the best practices that are being followed by various International/National institutes and their Educational Framework.

Our offerings are highly flexible & scalable School ERP which can easily be tailored as per specific school’s processes & protocols. Thereby, essentially proving to be an extension of your internal operational chain. Our solution provably aids in overcoming IT hurdles to manage such challenges as in-house management that comes at great resource/capital cost, therefore reducing Opex & Capex.

Premier schools within Delhi/NCR have already trusted us because of our commitment to education Sector in proving overcoming day-to-day challenges in cost-effective way.

Leadership Team


Board Chairperson & Chief Strategy Officer

Mrs. Krishna Dhawan is the evangelist and chairperson of our Educore Systems board. Through her guidance and experience of over 40 years, the team has created an innovative cloud & mobile based platform for making school administrators focus on academic excellence. She completed her masters in Arts & Education and is a dual degree holder.


Chief Academic Officer
Mrs. Swati Bhardwaj works very closely with the school administrators and key decision makers in helping them digitize their processes through her own experience of doing that for close to 15 years. She makes our platform an integral part of our institutional clients and guides our development team for product enhancements. Mrs. Bhardwaj did her masters in Chemistry and also obtained her bachelor’s degree in Education.


Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Pankaj Kumar is our chief product architect and technology leader who has rigorously worked in making our platform innovative and user friendly. His background in programming and Dev Ops helped in improving the performance and speed of Educore platform. Mr. Kumar completed his bachelor’s in technology and has been guiding technology companies for over 12 years.